Saturday, February 26, 2011


Date of visit : 21 February 2011

Ismawati Batik Craft is a factory that produces handicraft own by Pn. Ismawati bt Ismail. She has established business start from as establishment in 2005 until now. The business has expanded from years to years.

Ismawati Batik Craft was situated about 10 km from capital city of Terengganu. In the kraftangan craft complex it consists of a few factory Batik Craft in incubator for handicraft entrepreneur. Ismawati Batik Craft only supply but not distribute the product into the market.

In 2007, received order from Terengganu Royal Endurance Race Cup fail and diary for horse campaign.

Participated in various International Craft Fairs in Kuala Lumpur.

Received order from regular customers such as Noor Arfa Batik as well as from government sector and private sector.

Products / Services :
Pencil Box
Glass mat
Table Runner
Tissue Box
Shorts Pants
Gift Box
Skin Menu
Egg Container

Lot 2195 Kawasan Perindustrian Chendering,
Peti Surat 69, 20700 Kuala Terengganu
Tel: 013-9283301

Fax: 09-6172381

Contact Person: Puan Ismawati

prepared by:
Sharifah Mariam bt Syed Sagap (praktical trainee)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Date of visit: 21 February 2011

Company Profile:

Fashida Aneka Craft started the business in 2005 and owned by Puan Che Rashidah Binti Jusoh under the policy of Perbadanan Kraftangan Malaysia. The company is located in Chendering Industrial Park, Kuala Terengganu. The company is owned 100% by woman bumiputera.

Puan Rashidah started the business with her own initial capital. After two years operation, she began to expand the business by getting bank loan and also the assistance from various agencies.

The company has 3 workers which are headed by Puan Rashidah as the manager and the other two as factory workers. The main activities are to produce batik, weaving of natural fiber such as pine and songket especially for pareo, bag, table runner, tissue box, egg containers, cushion cover and place mat.

At the beginning of their operation, Fashida Aneka Craft gets the order to produce file batik from PETRONAS. Their products were also bought by an Australian and Chinese who is more interested the product generated from batik such as pareo.

Products / Services :

Cushion cover
Place mat
Table runner
Batik crafts
Wedding set

Lot 2195 Kawasan Perindustrian Chendering,
Peti Surat 69,20700 Kuala Terengganu
Tel: 09-6171033
Fax: 09-6172381

Contact Person: Puan Rashidah Jusoh
No. H/p: 019- 959 5029

Prepared by:
Siti Norhafizah bt Sheikh Ahmad Tajuddin

Practical Trainee

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Tarikh Lawatan Kilang : 20 Feb 2011

HKY Collections, first known as HKY Enterprise in 1988, produces items based on woven Mengkuang / Pandan often using batik and songket to further enhance the beauty of the natural fibers used. About 50 skilled weavers and workers from various districts in Terengganu are involved in the process.

HKY Collections Sdn. Bhd. is a fully Malaysian owned crafted of Mengkuang products. This company is located in Kampung Gong Pak Maseh, Jalan Panji Alam, Kuala Terengganu. HKY Collections expand their operation in Terengganu located in their own house by renovated their house to become a processing area and stores.

HKY Collections produce a products based on Mengkuang such as wall-hangings, floor mats, table mats, table runners, bags and purses, a wide range of gifts and souvenir items and corporate gifts based on specific orders and design.

HKY Collections had participated in some international trade fair such as Spring Fair Birmingham 2011, Frankfurt Fair under Kraftangan in 2009 and Export to Japan Seminar (JAITRO)and Trade Fair at Harrods London.

In local market, this company also participated in expo organized by Perbadanan Kraftangan, YPU and Trade Fair at KLCC.

Contacts :

374,Kampung Gong Pak Maseh,Jalan Panji Alam,
21100,Kuala Terengganu,
Tel: 09-6221063
Fax: 09-6224478

Contact Person :
Khadijah Yong


Website :


Bag and Purse Mengkuang
Floor Mat Mengkuang
Table Runner Mengkuang
Table Mat Mengkuang
Souvenir and Gifts based on Mengkuang

Prepared by,
Syihabuddin Ahmad
Practical Trainee


Tarikh Lawatan Kilang : 8 Februari 2011

Avialite Sdn. Bhd. is a fully Malaysian owned manufacturers of LED Aviation Warning Light. This company is located and headquarters in Taman Perindustrian Bukit Serdang, Seri Kembangan,Selangor.

Avialite expand their operation in Terengganu located in Kawasan Perindustrian Chendering,Terengganu and planning to build whole factory in Kawasan Perindustrian Gong Badak, Terengganu for the next year.

Avialite have 32 of workforce. It expand their operation into Terengganu for the long run because rent, land and operation cost is lower compare than in Kuala Lumpur.

This company primary focus on aviation lights that Avialite lights are used as markers of tall structure and obstacles of height 45 meters and above. Avialite also produce lights for microwave towers, transmission base stations, transmission lines for electricity company, mobile base stations, monopoles, stacks, chimneys and tall buildings apartments and even houses.

Avialite manufacturing LED and follow international process quality standards (ISO9001:2008) and towards ROHS compliant for a greener sustainable future.

This advantages of products that produce by this company are uniquely designed with its use of innovative technology and processes to make it exceptionally compact, lightweight, super bright LED, fully water proof, energy saving, hermetically sealed from any ingress of dust and moisture that meets and exceeds the IP67 test standards.
Contacts :
F38,Kawasan Perindustrian Chendering,

Contacts Person :
Tel : 09-6176088
Email :

Prepared by,
Syihabuddin Ahmad
Practical Trainee

Sunday, February 13, 2011


I MEDIKEL PHARMACEUTICAL SDN BHD (IMPSB) was established in 1993 and began as a pharmacy. In year 2001, companies expand their operations by building a plant to produce spirulina-based health food products in Phase 3, Kawasan Industri Mara, Padang Tembak, Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

In Year 2004, IMPSB has worked with SIRIM Berhad to undertake research and generalization development spirulina-based cosmetic products. After 18 months of research, IMPSB was able to produce spirulina-based beauty care products for all skin types.

Beauty product range has received a certificate of approval from the Bureau of Pharmaceutical Guard and halal certification from JAKIM and marketed to all pharmacies throughout Malaysia.

For more information:

Marketing Office:-
No. 79-1A
Jalan Raja ABdullah
50300, Kg. Baru
Kuala Lumpur
T: 03 - 2694 0159
HP: 019 223 0815 / 012 320 0543
W: /

Managing Office:-
Wisma Kels
Lot 153, Cabang 3
Jln. Pengkalan Chepa
16100, Kota Bharu, Kelantan
T: 09 - 773 1727

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Tarikh Lawatan Kilang: 1 Disember 2010

Maces Sdn Bhd was incorporated under the Malaysia Companies Act 1956 on 12th March, 2003. Maces is specializing in formulating, manufacturing and provision of services in specialty chemicals for Water Treatment and Oilfield activities.

Maces is an ISO 9001:2008 certified plant since 2004. The certification covers manufacturing, quality certification, sales and provision of engineering services, which are mainly located in Gebeng, Kuantan, Pahang.

Leveraging on their core competencies, Maces is setting pace and is gaining high profiles application in the market-place both in the downstream and upstream sectors of the oil and gas industry. In the water treatment sector, Maces’ customers base have expanded into various industries that include light and medium industries, steel mills, paper mills, automotive, petrochemical industries and crude oil refineries. For the oilfield sector, Maces has treated many oilfields in Malaysia, operated by various petroleum companies. Maces has expanded its wings internationally into Sudan and Vietnam.

These establishments have earned Maces recognition from its customers and hence achieved recognition for various occasions. Maces was awarded the Best Contractor-Services for 2006 from PETRONAS Gas Berhad. Maces also received a placement under PETRONAS’ Vendor Development Program (VDP) in the Restricted Category (RC) for Production Chemicals since 2007. Being a dynamic and progressive company, Maces has also been awarded the prestigious Enterprise 50 award for 3 consecutive years in 2007, 2008 and 2009.

Maces guarantee and assured their customers with the highest quality products and services solutions delivered to meet their needs. Their commitment in providing the best solutions to customers underlined by concept of FOCUS, INNOVATE, EXECUTE

FOCUS – Maces experienced pool of people are fully dedicated with their core competence and committed to deliver only the best products and services to their customers.

INNOVATE – Maces dedication and commitment to deliver only the best products and services demand continuous creative and innovative working process for improved and managed value to their customers.

EXECUTE – Maces creative and innovated solutions are practical and realistic, which are deliverable to meet customers’ specific needs.


A speciality water and energy, chemical services company


Lot 131 A,
Gebeng Industrial Area,Phase II, 26080 Kuantan,Pahang.

Contact Person:

Wan Abdul Aziz Wan Abdul Rashid
Tel: 09-583 5533
Fax: 09-5835534

Prepared by,
Syihabuddin Ahmad b.Mohamad
Practical Trainee


Tarikh Lawatan Kilang : 22 September 2010

Global Factor Sdn. Bhd. is a marker pen manufacturer.This company is one of the leading manufacturers for pens in Malaysia. Global Factor Sdn.Bhd. offer correction tape, whiteboard cleaner, whiteboard duster, highlighter pen and gel pen.

Any OEM/ODM business is welcome. This company have a good reputation for a long time all over the country.


Golfball Marker, Highlighter Detachable, Refillable Marker Pen, Whiteboard Duster, Whiteboard Sheet


Lot 9, Kaw Perindustrian Kecil & Sederhana
Pusat Pertumbuhan Desa Kg Soi
25150 Pahang
Telephone: 6 - 09 - 5343180
Facsimile: 6 - 09 - 5343360
Business Enquiries: MS NORAINI HAJI RUSMIN

Prepared by,
Syihabuddin Ahmad
Practical Trainee

Saturday, February 5, 2011


Tarikh Lawatan Kilang : 28 Oktober 2010

PJ FOODS INDUSTRIES SDN BHD merupakan sebuah kilang memproses tepung goreng ayam & rempah ratus milik bumiputera.PJ adalah singkatan bagi nama Peramu Jaya, dimana Peramu Jaya adalah tempat bermulanya penubuhan kilang ini iaitu pada tahun 1989 – untuk pasaran Pekan / Kuantan sahaja.

Pada tahun 2000, kilang ini telah berpindah ke Kuantan iaitu di Indera Mahkota 14. Syarikat telah meningkatkan pengeluarkan kepada lebih 30 jenis produk dan mula meluaskan pasaran ke seluruh Malaysia.

Tahun 2005 hingga kini, syarikat telah berupaya menambah kategori produk kepada pes dan premix. Selain itu, produk syarikat juga diperluaskan ke pasaran seperti Giant , Carrefour, Tesco, Mydin dan Eksport ke Brunei.

Pemilik syarikat ini adalah Pn. Norehan Haji Mohd Nor. Beliau berpengalaman luas dalam pembuatan rempah-ratus dan tepung goreng ayam.Beliau telah menceburi bidang perniagaan ini sejak kecil lagi. Pernah memperoleh Anugerah Usahawan Berpotensi MARA peringkat kebangsaan 2006 dan beberapa anugerah

Perencah tomyam
Rempah beriani
Rempah kari daging
Rempah dalca
Rempah rendang
Tepung goreng ayam

25200 KUANTAN,


Prepared by:
Syihabuddin Ahmad
Practical Trainee


Tarikh Lawatan Kilang : 1 September 2010

FUJILAMP INDUSTRIES SDN. BHD is a fluorescent lamp manufacturing factory in Malaysia located in the state of Kelantan , Malaysia and it was found in 1989. At present FUJILAMP have developed into a leading Fluorescent lamps factory in Malaysia with six automated production lines,about four hundred employees and fourteen thousand square meters of factory land.

The major products include various kinds of Fluorescent straight lamps, circular lamps, Fluorescent starter, compact fluorescent lamps, incandescent bulbs and lamp fittings. All the products are produced according to the international IEC standards and technology, and have obtained standard approvals from Malaysian SIRIM, JBE and Thailand 's TIS safety standard. They also have contracts to produce OEM products for brands like GE, SYLVANIA , and a few other major brands in Malaysia and Thailand.

The ultimate goal of the company is to commit in delivery safe and reliable products for their consumers, FUJILAMP can produce high quality of starters and compact lamps with EMC to ensure that all their products are up to approved safety standards. With their past experiences and advance production capacities FUJILAMP are able to manufacture products according to customers requirements.

Lot 61-61, Taman Mekasa,
Jalan Pasir Pekan,
17000 Pasir Mas,
Kelantan, Malaysia.

Tel: 09-7909277/7900957
Fax: 09-7900061

Fluorescent Lamps
Circular lamps
Lamp fitting
Compact fluorescent lamp
Fluorescent starter
Incandescents buls

Prepared by:
Syihabuddin Ahmad
Practical trainee


Tarikh Lawatan Kilang : 1 September 2010

Amalfoods Industri was incorporated in August 2006 by a group of dedicated,experienced and dynamical Local Bumiputera Entrepreneur in response to Malaysia Government call for rapid stablishment and development towards halal products and its related industries

Tandoori paste


NO. 169 Blok Tanah Merah,
Ayer Lanas,
17700 Jeli
Kelantan Darul Naim
Tel: 09 - 9467169
Fax: 09 – 9440069

Contact person:
Mr. Nasrul Hakim bin Kamaruzaman


Prepared by:
Syihabuddin Ahmad
Practical Trainee