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Tarikh Lawatan Kilang: 6 Oktober 2010

Kenaf Natural Fiber Industries (KFI) was established on 30th August 2006. KFI business is dedicated to the activities on plantation of Kenaf, processing of fibers & cores, and manufacturing of consumable products using kenaf as base material.

100% share in KFI is belong to bumiputera. KFI has 10 employee to move the operation of KFI factory including administration team. From beginning, KFI has bought machinery using German technology to produce Kenaf product and completely start their operation on 2008. KFI produce a high quality poduct usually used in automotive sector and as building meterials.

KFI also receive a highly demand in fiber board industry. Main customer for KFI products is Panasonic factory located in Semambu, Kuantan, Pahang. KFI also receive some demand from foreign market like Pakistan, Austria, and Korea.

KFI production raw material come from Lembaga Kenaf dan tembakau Negara (LKTN) as the provider for this company and also become as middle person for KFI and Kenaf plant supplier. This raw material usually are taken from Pasir Putih, Bachok, Machang, Rantau Panjang and Pengkalan Chepa.

Processing kenaf into fiber & core
-Kenaf Fiber
-Kenaf Long Fiber
-Kenaf Core
-Kenaf Particle (3mm)


Kenaf Fiber Collecting, Processing & Marketing Centre
(Kenaf Fiber CPMC)
Kg. Air Tawar, Tok Bali
16800 Pasir Puteh,

Tel : 09 752 1164

Fax : 09 743 7076

Contact Person : Mr. Mohd Yusmat bin Mamat

Email :

Prepared By:
Siti Norhafizah bt Sheikh Ahmad Tajuddin

Practical Trainee

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