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Date of Visit: 10 April 2012

Company Profile:
KH Asna Education Sdn Bhd or known as Madrasah Al-Wahidah was establish since 1997. They offered a comprehensive education program to the baby as little as 2 months of age up to 17 years old teenagers. The program provided is primarily based on al-Quran. In foundation stage, they provide the services in fostering child's full potential in a stimulating environment. In this stage, the process of developments of the children is a priority. For a more advance level, the program to enrich the student with a deeper knowledge and practice of a good muslim by spirituality knowledge programs is provided.

Services Provided: 
Education program 

Tel: 09 – 5138021/ 013 - 935 9351
Fax: 09 - 513 8714
Email: info@al-wahidah.com
Website: http://www.al-wahidah.com

Prepared by:
Siti Hajar binti Mohamad Ramzi
Practical Trainee

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