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Date of Visit: 21 February 2012

Tok Bali Port is part of East Coast Economic Region (ECER) development plan of which is expected to reach RM 3.2 billion. It is estimated the private sector funded RM3.0 billion while the government would contribute the additional RM230 million to the project.

The new Tok Bali Port is developed and operated by East Coast Terminal Sdn Bhd. Due to the rapid cargo volumes growth in Kemaman, Kuantan, Singapore, Tanjung Pelepas, West Port, Port Klang and Penang Ports together with the demand for cargo trade across the South China seas increased such as in Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam and China, Tok Bali Port will want to take this advantage of transhipment and feeder services to meet the demands for these markets. Thus a comprehensive development masterplan is necessary to develop a comprehensive port facility to meet the capacity requirement and providing high level services in the new Tok Bali Port.

The first phase of the project has been identified and will be developed into a 200m quay wall and berth facilities for up to 5000-20,000 dwt vessel. This will be sited on a 33 acres of land at the mouth of Semerak channel in Tok Bali. The terminal will cater for break bulk, oil and container barges and vessels. Warehousing and light industries will be developed including bunkering and stevedoring facilities for vessels calling at Tok Bali Ports. The bunkering will provide fuel oil for ocean going vessels as wells as to local fishing boats, Marine Police and APMM.

First Shipment Portokbali-Qingzhou Port
The second phase of development will consist of additional berths and quay walls to cater for more industries, warehousing and trade in Tok Bali port areas. The second phase will cater for more commercial, industrial and Free Trade Zones areas for sale and lease. To the north of the Semerak canal, it is planned for an Oil & Gas terminal and supply bases for offshore support activities in the Oil & Gas sectors. Shipping and Oil & Gas activities in the South China seas are, accordingly, being expanded and developed to capitalize on this major market opportunity and the considerable economic benefits it represents. The region’s shipping and Oil & Gas terminals are well positioned to capture a large share of the growth in imports and exports from and to Asia.

The third phase of the development will see a complete realignment of the Semerak Canal that will traverse southwards from the existing Semerak canal to Cherang Ruku lagoon and traverse outwards to the South China Sea to the east. This was planned to have an ingress and egress shipping traffic so as to avoid shipping congestion or minimize any turning basin for the ships entering Tok Bali port.The third phase will have more berths and facilities including warehousings, container freight stations, commercial and industrial areas, Halal Hubs, storage yards and cargo facilities, hotel and apartments, residentials, comprehensive passenger ferry terminal and a marina facilities and other tourism related development at the mouth of Seputeh lagoon.

5565-A Batu Dua,
Jalan Kuala Krai,
15150 Kota Bharu

Tel: 09-7480653
Fax: 09-7481653

Prepared by:
Siti Hajar binti Mohamad Ramzi
Practical Trainee

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