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DATE OF VISIT:  07.04.2015

Akiya Teratai Tenang one of the mineral water producer in the East Coast and will penetrate to the other region in malaysia soon. Teratai Tenang Sdn Bhd was founded by En.Zakaria Yusoh on early 2008 but starting formally around october 2014. Akiya is a brand new in the Malaysian market with high mineral, it can compete with the other brands in domestic or foreign country. Akiya was interested to export their product in Mecca and Saudi Arabia.

This company 100% fully owned by Bumiputera and men equity. It has 30 employees in their organization to run the business smoothly. It was certified HALAL by Islamic Development Department of Malaysia Jakim and has been recognized by MESTI. Besides, it also has approval certification from Jabatan Kimia Malaysia, Jabatan Nukleur Malaysia and KMM.

In addition, Akiya is the company family run business. Owner has entrusted younger and more motivated child. Their child in law to pursue the business and penetrate overseas market. The company is not yet fully promoting its mineral water in the local markets as only selling via agents and cooperatives. 

Briefing by Chairman, En. Zakaria Yusoh.

Bottling facilities


Name  of Company : Teratai Tenang Enterprise Sdn Bhd 
Address : Lot 3859, KM 12.4 Kampung Kepah 
Jalan Sultan Tong 21700,
Hulu Terengganu, Terengganu.
Tel :09 - 681 2758
Fax :09 - 681 2757
Mobile : 010 - 824 3685
Contact person : En. Mohd Shukron Zakaria
Email :

Products : Mineral Water

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Che Siti Nor Aishah Che Sembilan
Practical Trainee

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