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DATE OF VISIT: 18.03.2015

Wanisma Craft & Trading was founded by Wan Mahadi bin Ismail on 1980s. Now its products was brand as Puteri Rakna (Kaftans) got some requests from domestic and foreign market. Wanisma Craft & Trading was only interested in local market. Wanisma Craft & Trading has 10 employees, 5 of them do copper and the rest do Batik plant. usually tourist that come from Western , Singapore and Brunei interested on buying batik. Besides, previously Wanisma Craft & Trading joined Kraftangan Malaysia for local and overseas promotion. In addition, this company 100% fully owned by bumiputera and men equity. The raw material also 100% from local product.

The Owner, En Wan Mahadi

 Some of the Copper Crafts & Batik

Traditional Copper Crafts Making Workshop.


Name  of Company : Wanisma Craft & Trading 
Address :32, Kg. Ladang Sekolah
     Jalan Sultan Zainal Abidin
     20000, Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu
Tel :09 – 622 3311
Fax :09 – 622 3311
Mobile : 019 983 7910
Contact person : Wan Mahadi bin Ismail
Email :  puterirakna@yahoo.com

Products : Copper Crafts (Manufacturer and Trader)
                       Batik (Clothing / Kaftans / Handicrafts)

Prepared by,

Che Siti Nor Aishah Che Sembilan
Practical Trainee

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