Monday, January 14, 2013


Madura Industries start their operation in business on 1991 and incorporated in 1994 with main vision ‘To offer quality and innovative Halal Food & Beverages Products to Malaysia and world market’. The company moves to SME Bank factory complex in Besut on 1996.

In 2011 also, Madura Industries move from SME Bank Factory Complex to a brand new and bigger factory in Gong Medan Industrial Zone in Besut as they are going to produce more product to support demand from Malaysian market and international market.

Madura Industries Sdn. Bhd. manufacturing plant is GMP certified, and the production process is complying with HACCP standard. A stringent quality control starts from raw materials sourcing to finished good storage and delivery. It’s delicious and nutritious products are specially blended, processed and packed using the best state of the art production technology by talented and dedicated production team.

The company products span from various flavors of Soft Drink into Isotonic Drinks and the Malaysian First Sparkling Fruit Juice from unique tropical fruits which never being introduced to world before.

Products / Services : Carbonated Drinks
Sparkling Juice
S-sotic Sparkling Tropical Fruit juices

Address : Lot PT 4084, Jalan Industri 2,
Gong Medan Industrial Estate,
22200 Tembila, Besut,
Terengganu Darul Iman

Tel : 09-695 5151 / 5152
Fax : 09-695 5150
Email :

prepared by:
Muhamad Alif Yahir (practical trainee)

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